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Quite a large percentage of our business is now manufacturing bespoke joinery, and in particular doors, windows, cupboards, tables etc.

These are made from both Reclaimed & New Timber and can be made in most types of wood and to almost any design.

See a selection of the thousands of doors we've made over the years below These are made traditionally and to the highest standard.

If you need non standard sized doors,  or any other joinery which you can't get off of the shelf please contact Adrian on 01451 820292 or email on

Manufactured Doors

Quite often it is difficult to find reclaimed doors to the right size, or enough of them the same pattern to fit all of the openings in your home, especially if it is an older or period property.

At Cotswold Reclamation we can manufacture almost any type of door in Reclaimed Pine or Oak and to your own specification.

Over the years we have made thousands of doors from simple bead and butt jointed, ledged doors to quite ornate Gothic or Church Style doors. Within some of these we supply and fit some of the leaded light stained glass windows which we continually carry in stock.

We can make doors which comply with ½" hour fire resistance which have been approved and used in the Cotswold District, West Oxon, District and Oxford City Council areas.

We have a random selection of photographs of some styles which you an look at, but if there are any queries, or your require further information please do not hesitate to contact us.

Please note:

The manufactured doors which we supply are, wherever possible made from reclaimed timber.

Due to the very nature of this there will be some defects, such as, splits, shakes, nail holes etc. which will be evident, as the goods are supplied IN THE WHITE (bare wood with no treatment on them).

However, we are NOT attempting to supply you with NEW LOOKING DOORS, but doors which give the APPEARANCE OF BEING OLD or RECLAIMED.

If the doors are being oiled/waxed most of these splits/shakes and nail holes will naturally be filled and will enhance the timber, and become part of the character of the doors.

It should be borne in mind, in particular if you intend to paint the doors that they will need to have some extra preparation works carried out before priming or undercoating. We also suggest using an aluminum primer, if painting them. We recommend this as the doors are made from reclaimed timber and we do not know the origin and use of it in it's past life.

If you require any further information regarding this, please do not hesitate to contact us.